Stern from HMS Implacable

Basic Information

Figurehead type
Stern Carving
Stern from HMS Implacable
Vessel name
Implacable (formerly Duguay-Trouin)
Type (Naval/Merchant)
Copyright owner
© National Maritime Museum
Copyright notes
Photo: © National Maritime Museum
Current location
Neptune Court, National Maritime Museum
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Physical Information

The HMS 'Implacable' stern carvings consist of 56 separate parts, starting with ZBA0552.1 which is a starboard window and ending with ZBA0552.56.
Date made
Place made
Lead paint
Object history
Stern reassembled for display in Neptune Court.
Vessel history
The 74-gun ship was built as the French 'Duguay-Trouin' at Rochefort in 1800. She fought at Trafalgar in 1805 and was one of the four vessels that escaped under Admiral Dumanoir, all captured about a month later by Sir Richard Strachan in a small squadron action in the Bay of Biscay. She was taken into the Navy as 'Implacable' and after further service, including action against the Russians in the Baltic, was preserved in harbour service at Portsmouth, latterly as a boys' training ship. Restoration work on her stern was funded by Sir James Caird before WWII, who also underwrote efforts to have her preserved alongside 'Victory' at Portsmouth as the last of the 74s and the last French survivor of Trafalgar. However the war intervened and afterwards she was considered beyond restoration in circumstances of the time both in Britain or France, with whom there were discussions about her possible return. In 1947 she was towed into the Channel by the Navy and scuttled 'with full honours', flying both the white ensign and the French tricoleur. Caird paid £300 for the removal and shipping of her figurehead and stern decorations to NMM. The figurehead has generally been displayed; the stern carvings presented a display problem only resolved with the Neptune Court redevelopment of 1996-99, when they were finally unpacked and reassembled on a replica transom installed as part of the NC fit-out.

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Public Institution
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National Maritime Museum
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Royal Musems Greenwich, London, SE10 9NF
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