Figurehead of the HMS Black Eagle

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Figurehead of the HMS Black Eagle
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Black Eagle
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© National Museum of the Royal Navy
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Photo: © National Museum of the Royal Navy
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National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth
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This is a carving of a black eagle perched upon a scroll of foliage. The eagles wings are outspread as it leans forward revealing a curved gold cross on the underside of the left wing. Each feather is meticulously carved. On the chest of the bird there is a gold and red Prussian crown, which is derived from the Prussian royal coat of arms. The figurehead is painted black with gold feet.
Hellyer of Portsmouth
Date made
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Object history
The original figurehead on the ship, when it was known as HMS 'Firebrand' is thought to have been carved by George Faldo of London at the price £24.12.8, but little is known about the design. Letters found from 1846 show that the Admiral Superintendent at Portsmouth chose Hellyer of Portsmouth for the Black Eagle design.
Vessel history
HMS 'Firebrand', an Admiralty yacht was built in Limehouse by Curling, Young & Co. and was launched in July 1831. At this time the ship ran on a ‘Butterley’ engine, powered by steam and paddle-wheels. The ship was then refitted in 1835 and given a ‘Maudslay’ engine. 'Firebrand' then went on to carry the Admiralty Board round the royal dockyards. In 1842 she was renamed 'Black Eagle', a tribute to the Prussian royal family and was rebuilt again. The ship was lengthened and given more powerful oscillating engines manufactured by John Penn. In 1857 the ship was taken to Portsmouth and became a tender, finally being broken up in 1876.

David Pulvertaft ‘The Warship Figureheads of Portsmouth’ (Stroud, 2009) p.66
Admiralty Catalogue (1911) No 342

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National Museum of the Royal Navy
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HM Naval Base Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 3NU
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