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HMS Bellerophon, 1786

National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth

Stern carvings of the greek god Atlas from the captain's stern gallery.

HMS Hindostan

Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

A full-length bearded, draped male figure with one foot on a globe.

HMS Poictiers

National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth

A small bust of a medieval knight in a plumed helmet. The back is flat.

Queen Anne

National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth

A small, flat backed bust, apparently depicting Queen Anne, crowned and wearing the Order of the Garter. She also wears a necklace of large pearls and ropes of pearls in her hair.

Stern from Implacable

Neptune Court, National Maritime Museum

The HMS 'Implacable' stern carvings consist of 56 separate parts, starting with ZBA0552.1 which is a starboard window and ending with ZBA0552.56.

Sternboard – unidentified (possibly Yacht William & Mary)

NMM (in storage)

Stern board comprising two parts and a central pillar, carved in high relief with two female figures. The left figure holds a cornucopia, that on the right is blindfold and holds a pair of scales. They represent plenty and justice and are possibly from the yacht 'William and Mary' 1807.

Transom or Stern Carving – unidentified

Kidbrooke Stores, NMM

Transom. Stern carving decorated with two foliage scrolls and two female heads with drop earrings and pearls in their hair. From an unidentified vessel.

Sternboard (two trumpets, book, lyre and olive branches)

Kidbrooke Stores, NMM

Stern carving, with depiction of two trumpets, a book, a lyre and olive branches.

Stern Carving from Mermaid

Kidbrooke Stores, NMM

Stern carving decorated with the coat of arms of Trinity House and bearing the name 'MERMAID', along with the Latin motto 'Trinitas in Unitate'. From a Trinity House vessel of the same name.

Stern Carving (possibly HMS Ganges)

Kidbrooke Stores, NMM

Stern carving depicting a classical warrior in a helmet and armour, flanked by military trophies - banners, spear, sword, cannon, worm, sponge and shot. The surface is painted. The item was previously held at HMS 'Ganges'.

Stern carving from Boreas


Six-piece polychrome and gilded stern decoration, traditionally said to be from the 'Boreas', a French East Indiaman wrecked on Annet, Isles of Scilly, date unknown, in the 17th century. The carving is traditionally said to be the work of French marine carver, Pierre Puget, who died in 1695 but this is probably wishful thinking since it is not up to Puget's known quality and there is no objective evidence for it. The pieces have been arranged on a flat backboard, not as they would have been on the ship, where the two winged zephyr figures on either side were probably quarter decorations and the whole spaced further apart. The long upper piece bearing a design of fire and lightning bolts is probably a stern board. Locally the whole ensemble has long been known as 'the Puffers', for obvious reasons.

HMS Colossus


Sternboard from the 74-gun ship 'Colossus', a third-rate built in 1787. It comprises an elongated black-painted lozenge-shaped panel, with a gilded raised edge and mirror image foliate decoration either side of a central crown with a red cap lining.

Sternboard – unidentified


Ten-foot wide sternboard with white and gilded foliate decoration on blue, from an unknown vessel. The form and somewhat neo-classical 'Adam' style suggests it is from a prestigious sailing vessel of the late-18th or early 19th century.

Sternboard – unidentified


The fine standard of carving of the intertwined cornucopia and foliage on this sternboard indicates a vessel of quality, but from which ship and how the board arrived at the Tresco ‘Valhalla’ is unknown. It probably dates from the early to mid-19th century.

Stern Carving HMY Victoria & Albert III

Kidbrooke Stores, NMM

Stern carvings made up of 111 separate parts.

Stern carving – unidentified

Kidbrooke Stores, NMM

Stern carving depicting a reclining female figure in classical dress, one breast bared. She leans on her left elbow and looks left. There would have been a similar figure on the other side of the stern.

Stern badge of the Greenwich Hospital Barge

Kidbrooke Stores, NMM

Stern badge from the Greenwich Hospital barge. On a cartouche, the Greenwich Hospital crest of crossed Union flags with white staffs above a gold naval crown on a red ground), with two 'cherubs' which act as supporters and gilded and painted scrollwork below. The two putti, in light blue costume appear, in fact, to be in the early to mid-18th-century dress of boys of the Hospital School and are perhaps more properly described as such. The painting of this item does not appear to be original and while it can reasonably be assumed the colours follow the first scheme, it would require specialist examination to confirm this.

Stern carving from a naval commissioner’s barge

Kidbrooke Stores, National Maritime Museum

Stern carving from a naval commissioner's barge. The wooden carving is decorated with a foul anchor of the Navy Board, flanked by two dolphins with a lion's head above. Strings of pearls and shells are placed below the dolphins.

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