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Merseyside Maritime Museum

A full-length female figure in contemporary dress. She wears a blue dress with a bustle over a red petticoat. The sleeves are gathered at the elbow and then tight to the wrist. The front is decorated with lace ruffles and it has a lace collar and cuff. The figure has long hair with locks falling in front of the shoulders. She holds a bunch of red roses in her right hand.

HMS Indefatigable
Merseyside Maritime Museum

Half-length portrait bust depicting William IV as Duke of Clarence. The figure is shown in naval uniform.

HMS Hastings
Merseyside Maritime Museum

A portrait of Francis Rawden-Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings (1754-26) Governor General of India. A bust in army uniform.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Half-length female bust, wearing a tight bodice dress with v-neck and a full skirt. A cross on a string of large beads adorns her neck. She wears a diadem on her head.

HMS Prince of Wales
Scottish Maritime Museum

A half-length bust of a clean-shaven, youthful male figure in red military uniform. He wears a sword belt, the sash and star of the Order of the Garter and crowns denoting his rank on his collar.

HMS Trincomalee

A half-length male bust depicting an Indian with a moustache, wearing a muslin shirt and a turban.

HMS Terpsichore
HMS President, London

Three-quarter-length figure holding a lyre in her left hand. Terpsichore was the Muse of Lyric Poetry or Dance. She wears a low cut dress with straps. Her hair is tied back and a laurel wreath adorns her head.

HMS Nymphe, 1888
St George's Centre, Gillingham

Three-quarter-length female figurehead, with long hair. She wears classical garments with a wreath in her hair and holds a posy of flowers in her right hand. Her left arm is placed across her waist.

HMS Satellite
HMS Calliope, Gateshead

Female three-quarter length bust.

HMS Scylla
Blue Town Heritage Centre, Sheerness

Three-quarter length female bust wearing a dress with full skirt and belted waist. She wears a diadem and has swept back, long hair.

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