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HMS Bristol
On display in Neptune Court, NMM

A yellow-ochre painted female head which formed the figurehead of HMS 'Bristol'. The original figurehead was a three quarter length bust of which the head and neck has survived.

Jersey Maritime Museum

A full-length figure of a child, wearing a short skirt over pantaloons and a short jacket with three-quarter length sleeves over a tight bodice. The figure has short hair tucked behind its ears.

HMS Warrior, 1781
National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth

This figurehead was once full length so it was presumably made before the Navy Board cut costs and busts became the most usual type. All that is left now is a bearded head wearing a helmet wreathed with laurels. The contemporary model of the ship at the Science Museum, London, shows a full-length figure straddling the bow, holding a buckler and what is probably a sword and is dressed in a suit of roman armour.

HMS Goliath
The Historic Dockyard, Chatham

Semi-nude bust, half-length with shaggy hair and beard.

HMS Bellerophon, 1786
National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth

Stern carvings of the greek god Atlas from the captain's stern gallery.

Janet Hay
Shetland Museum

Female bust, reputedly a portrait of a woman of the Hay family.

Shetland Museum

A large wooden figurehead, depicting a man with a beard and moustache, naked to the waist, with a painted grey, draped cloth below. At the bottom, around waist level, is an ornate scrolled finial. The arms are missing as is the nose.

Merseyside Maritime Museum (in storage)

Three-quarter-length female figure wearing a dress with full blue skirt, red and blue bodice, short puffed sleeves and a round white collar. She wears a red beaded necklace. She has long fair hair and a white turban-style head-dress. The figure is clutching a blue posy to her chest.

Lottie Sleigh
Merseyside Maritime Museum (in storage)

Three-quarter-length, female figure wearing dress with white bodice with dropped waistline, blue skirt, blue collar and matching scalloped cuffs. She has yellow hair, coiled up to frame her face.

William Turner
Merseyside Maritime Museum

A full-length, male figure clad in contemporary dress, possibly a portrait of the owner. Show stepping forward, he wears trousers, a cravat and a blue double-breasted tail coat. His right hand is in the breast of his coat, the left is held clenched by his side.

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