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De Bradelei Wharf Shopping Outlet

Full-length female figure, wearing a broad-brimmed hat trimmed with feathers, a long skirt and a jacket with a fitted waist, edged with large buttons. The sleeves are shown cut with fullness at the elbows. She wears gloves and holds a rose in her left hand.

HMS Defiance
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

The bust of a bearded, classical warrior in scaled armour and plumed helmet.

HMS Challenger
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

A three-quarter-length figure of a knight in 16th century armour and helmet. The figure has a large moustache and long hair. It terminates in drapery below the waist.

HMS Canopus
Kidbrooke Stores, National Maritime Museum

Figurehead from an 80-gun 3rd rate, formerly the French 'Franklin'. A bust-length Figurehead representing a classical warrior in a plumed helmet, from HMS 'Canopus'. Inscription reads: 'Canopus'.

HMS Benbow
Main entrance, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The figurehead is of the bust of Vice Admiral John Benbow, the commander-in-chief of the West Indies during the War of Spanish Succession, who died of wounds sustained in a battle with a French squadron in 1702. He wears a brown curly wig and white cravat as shown in contemporary portraits. The figure wears armour and the lower part is draped in red cloth.

HMS Ariadne
Boathouse 4, HM Naval Base Portsmouth

A three-quarter-length female bust in classical dress with grapes and vine leaves in her hair. It has a coronet decorated with stars in the tailboard. Adriadne was the daughter of King Minos of Crete and after her death her wedding garland was placed in the sky as a constellation.

HMS Albion
Hull Maritime Museum

This figurehead is a three-quarter-length bust of Britannia, the female personification of Britain. The figure wears scaled armour and a skirt with a plumed helmet. On her upper arms Dickerson has carved lion masks.

HMS Royal George
Kidbrooke Stores, National Maritime Museum

Figurehead of HMS 'Royal George' in the form of a bust of George IV in Roman armour, crowned with a laurel wreath. Probably all that remains of a very large, full sized figurehead.

HMS Daring
Kidbrooke Stores, National Maritime Museum

Bust-length polychrome-painted figurehead of 'HMS 'Daring', representing a naval seaman with his arms crossed, in contemporary dress and wearing a straw hat. The name 'Daring' is inscribed on the cap ribbon and across his chest under the folded arms. There is an anchor badge, possibly for a leading seaman, on his left arm. Although he appears to be wearing uniform, it can only have been a customary one since their was no official Royal Naval uniform for ratings until 1857.

HMS Daphne
Kidbrooke Stores, National Maritime Museum

Half-length polychrome female bust figurehead of HMS 'Daphne', wearing green garment with red and brown sash at waist. A large gold star adorns the centre of her waist.

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