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HMS Defiance
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

The bust of a bearded, classical warrior in scaled armour and plumed helmet.

HMS Ariadne
Boathouse 4, HM Naval Base Portsmouth

A three-quarter-length female bust in classical dress with grapes and vine leaves in her hair. It has a coronet decorated with stars in the tailboard. Adriadne was the daughter of King Minos of Crete and after her death her wedding garland was placed in the sky as a constellation.

HMS Terpsichore
HMS President, London

Three-quarter-length figure holding a lyre in her left hand. Terpsichore was the Muse of Lyric Poetry or Dance. She wears a low cut dress with straps. Her hair is tied back and a laurel wreath adorns her head.

HMS Satellite
HMS Calliope, Gateshead

Female three-quarter length bust.

HMS Rattlesnake
Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, Farnborough

Draped male bust of an American Indian wearing a feathered crown.

HMS Raleigh, 1873
HMS Raleigh, Torpoint

Half-length male bust in Elizabethan costume, doublet buttoned at the front, with a cloak over one shoulder. The figure is bearded. The carving terminates in scrolls and foliage.

HMS Octavia
Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton

Three-quarter-length female bust in classical dress. Her hair is up and she wears a crown and a veil. There is a jewelled belt round her waist and a long double rope of pearls around her neck.

HMS Leander
HMS Collingwood, Fareham

A half-length, male, semi-nude youth, clean shaven, with short hair, there are classical drapes around the arms and base of figure.

HMS Isis
HMS Unicorn, Dundee

Female half-length bust, wearing a helmet and scaled armour. Her long hair falls over her shoulders. The shoulders and the base of the figure are draped and there are two rows of beads running around the body below the breasts.

HMS Gleaner
Fort Blockhouse, Gosport

Female three-quarter-length bust.

HMS Fisgard
HMS Raleigh, Torpoint

Male portrait bust with blue classical drapes.

HMS Erebus
HMS Sultan, Gosport

Crowned male bust.

HMS Eagle
HMS Eaglet, Liverpool

Part of a male bust, the head and neck only surviving.

HMS Columbine
HMS Sultan, Gosport

Female three-quarter-length bust. She wears a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt. The low neck is draped with a white scarf or fichu. The lower part of the figure is draped in a red cloak. She has a wreath of flowers on her head.

HMS Hindostan
Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

A full-length bearded, draped male figure with one foot on a globe.

HMY Osborne
Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

A cartouche depicting the Royal Arms and crown decorated with carved scrolls and foliage.

HMS Britannia
Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

A full-length figure representing Britannia, striding forward, her dress and cloak billowing in the wind. She wears a helmet and scale armour; in her right hand she holds a trident and in her left a branch.

HMS Windsor Castle
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

A half-length figure representing a young Queen Victoria crowned and holding an orb and sceptre. She wears bracelets and the collar of the Order of the Garter. Roses, a shamrock and a thistle are carved around the base.

HMS Wellington
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

Bust of the Duke of Wellington, half-length in military uniform and aiguillettes and wearing the Star and Sash of the Order of the Garter. He has a sash around the waist and a laurel wreath adorns his head.

HMS Rinaldo
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

Half-length male figure with long hair and side whiskers wearing a broad-brimmed plumed hat and a cloak. A handkerchief is tied round the collar of his open-necked shirt and he wears a frogged jacket and waist sash. The figure is based on the brigand Rinaldo Rinaldini, a character in a novel by Goethe’s brother in law, Christian August Vulpius.

HMS Sphinx
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

Turbaned, bearded male bust.

HMS Topaze
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

Three-quarter-length female bust, wearing a tight bodice, a full skirt and a diadem and swept back hair. The edges of the skirt are carved with oak branches. In the centre of the skirt is an oak wreath in which is a star with a crescent moon and sun in the centre.

HMS Tamar
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

Male three-quarter length figure depicting a bearded bare chested river god. A laurel wreath adorns his head.

HMS Sybille
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

A female standing figure wearing a white dress and blue cloak. Her arms are folded behind her back. Sibyl was a mythical woman, said to express her oracles in riddles, and it was from a painting of Lady Hamilton dressed as Sibyl that the figurehead is claimed to have been based.

HMS Royal William
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

A standing figure of William IV crowned and wearing ceremonial robes of the Order of the Garter with detailed 'collars'of the orders of chivalry; the uppermost is the Scottish Order of the Thistle, in the centre is the Irish Order of St Patrick and the lowest of the three the English Order of the Garter(below which can be seen hanging the 'George' in the form of St George slaying the dragon.)

HMS Perseus
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

Bust of a warrior in scaled armour and a plumed helmet.

HMS Centaur
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

A full-length figure of a centaur, right hand on the body, left hand clasped and resting on its forehead. The two back horse legs are carved in relief, the other four limbs in the round.

HMS Calliope
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

A female, three-quarter-length wears an eastern crown and a veil. There are three strands of pearls round her neck. She has a tight bodice with a gold zigzag patterned embroidery round the neck and down the front, with a white chemise underneath. The blue bodice comes to a point at the front lower edge partially covering a red skirt.

HMS Cadmus
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

The King of Thebus- a bearded male bust crowned, wearing a plate-mail tunic and draped in a red cloak.

HMS Basilisk
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

Female bust wearing eastern crown. Her hair is twisted with strings of beads and she wears in high-necked bodice with drapery below. The sleeves are decorated with fringes, cords and drapes. The figurehead is supported by scrolls decorated with carved foliage.

HMS Aurora
Plymouth Naval Base Museum

Three-quarter length female bust, nude above the waist, draped below and around the arms. Her long hair falls across her shoulders and she wears a crown of sea shells. A carved flounce is draped around her hips and the figurehead has the lower edges of the skirt carved with branches and leaves. In the centre of the skirt, a star is carved within an oak wreath. The star bears a crescent moon and smaller star in the centre.

HMS Amazon
Southwick House, near Portsmouth

A curly light haired female bust, wearing scaled armour and draped in a cloak.

HMS Seaflower
HMS Nelson, HM Naval Base Portsmouth

Three-quarter-length female figure in a dress with full skirt and tight bodice. It has short sleeves. She holds a red rose in her right hand and has a gold trimmed headband.

HMS Nile
HMS Nelson, HM Naval Base Portsmouth

This half length figurehead of Nelson shows him in the uniform of a rear admiral, his rank at the time of the Battle of the Nile-and, while the upper half is a traditional bust, the lower half has a modern look to it with the naval crown and Nelson's signal at Trafalgar. He has no hat and his left hand is holding a telescope. Below the figure is placed a naval crown and ‘ENGLAND EXPECTS …’ on a ribbon.

HMS Queen Charlotte
HMS Excellent, Portsmouth

Half-length bust depicting a queen. She wears a royal crown, three ropes of pearls around the neck and a high-waisted dress with a chemise underneath. Part of a fur lined robe can be seen at the shoulders.

HMS Martin
HMS Nelson, HM Naval Base Portsmouth

Three-quarter-length female figurehead in classical dress with long hair. She has a shell on her headdress, and holds a garland of leaves. Another garland of leaves surrounds her neck.

HMS Constance
HMS Excellent, Portsmouth

Female three-quarter-length bust. In a dress with a v-neck, full skirts and draped bodice. A cord is knotted round the waist, the shoulders are clasped with brooches and the upper arms are surrounded by bands of beads. Her hair is tied back.

HMS Barfleur
HM Naval Base Portsmouth. It is mounted on the roof of a building in the naval barracks.

A lion holding an oval shield of the Royal Arms.